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Welcome to the 2015 Rotary Golf Outing

Linda Heemstra takes a swing

Don Harris and Farrel LaVasseur

Bill Voight and Rod Sundstrom>

Don Harris

Bill Voight

Rod Sundstrom


Lined Up

Good Stroke

Does that hair indicate the power of the swing?

After the shot

Keep your eyes on the ball

(*@!#%*$ can't believe that

The "golf pose"

Peanut Gallery? (Actually, if there were peanuts the goose would eat them)

Rob Clark

Keep it coming


Guess we know how that selfie came out

Yep, confirmation of how the selfie came out

Try posing

Yes, posed is not bad.

Chris thinks thats funny

The form looks good....

but the shot may not have gone where expected

It's gotta be in there somewhere

Lot of help back there

Ruth is either praying, studying or mumbling "no advice please".

Nice swing

Another good shot

Ryan Dost "head down"

Nice swing, Wendy

Rob and Ryan

Just watching (and not laughing out loud?)


Great Burgers on the Grill

Just a blur going for the goodies

Drawing for the 60" TV

Well done Tim, you can breath easy for another year.


The Rotary Club of Bay City Charitable Foundation is a
non-profit organization classified as a 501(c)(3) by the
Internal Revenue Service. Contributions above the fair
market value for this event qualify as tax deductions.
The fair market value of your $115 registration fee is $80.
Please consult your tax advisor about your individual eligibility.