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The Club held it's annual golf Outing at the Maple Leaf Golf Course in Linwood on June 16, 2016. For a week the skys had been beautiful and the temperatures just right. Then, the week of the Outing, the forecast began to talk about rain on the day of the event.

Thursday morning dawned on a rainy sky and cool temperatures. Despite the conditions, Michigan golfers are known to head for the course provided there's no lightening.

Arriving at the course, one was greeted by a full parking lot. A group of golfers were outside the door laughing and taking the air. Inside the clubhouse all the tables were full of golfers eating doughnuts and enjoying a good time.

The shotgun start was delayed until about 10:00 by which time the rain had somewhat stopped. Not that it was dry or that the rain ceased entirely. As golfers took to the course with wet weather gear and unbrellas, the rain abated some but insisted on coming back in spurts. Some golfers reported having actual downpours on occassion.

Throughout the day and at all locations spirits seemed high. Nobody was complaining and everyone was doing most of the course. This was, after all, a fund raising event. A large share of the money raised by this event helps the Rotary club fund technology in local schools. Another share builds the club's local foundation which is used for a range of grants, donations, and projects.


New location this year

Rain on the sidewalk in Bay City did not look good for the day.

The clubhouse was full as everyone waited for the start

As soon as the go-ahead was given, golfers head to the cars for their gear.

Kitchen staff started working as soon as everyone hit the course.

Everyone lined up for the shotgun start.

Carts head for their starting holes

Good shot

They may never find those lost balls.

Cart roads in the woods illustrate the rain we had.


"You didn't take a picture of me getting that ball, did you?"


The Putt



The Drive

Is that what you call coaching?

Coming and Going

Getting a picture of the group

Waterlily, but you knew that.

Not sure the "body english" is going to help

Barb Englehardt

Maple Leave is beautiful, even with a light rain on the water.

Yeah, hit that one.

Just keep your head down.

Hole sponsors Nancy & Guy Greve

Eric Jylha

Chris Girard

Doug Rise takes a shot

Never one to miss a good Golf Outing, Hratch Basmadjian was in town from Chicago.

Great putt.
The ball, which looked like it could never miss,
hit the rim and jumped right over the hole. Sorry Bob.


The Rotary Club of Bay City Charitable Foundation is a
non-profit organization classified as a 501(c)(3) by the
Internal Revenue Service. Contributions above the fair
market value for this event qualify as tax deductions.
Please consult your tax advisor about your individual eligibility.