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Members, Youthful Guests Share Honors in Furnishing Entertainment
(From The Bay City Times, Jan. 1, 1930, page 1)

Bay City Rotarians drank at the fountain of youth -- collegiate youth -- Tuesday noon.

The formal business man. The doctor and lawyer, gave way to "I've been working on the railroad;" "Collegiate, collegiate, yes we are collegiate."

The Rotarians were entertaining the boys home from school for the holidays. Or, if you will, the boys entertained the club members. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

Members of Rotary were designated by Ed Forde, chairman of the good fellowship committee, to bring a college student as guest. About 50 were present. Each student was introduced by the Rotarian who accompanied him.

Leslie "Les" Fenske, former cheer leader of the Michigan State college, and son of Fred Fenske, chairman of the stunts committee, led the college boys in some snappy songs. Then, upon the beckon of the stunts committee chairman, several Rotarians were asked to "fall in" with the college chorus.

Up to the platform marched R. G. Boehringer, Alvin H. Weber, Otto E. Sovereign, Fred Rechlin, M. W. Carroll, C. B. Curtiss, Fred Waldbauer, C. H. Schultz, B. R. Hahn, Edward C. Smith, and others who are not named because of their ability to conceal themselves in the crowd. Whether these men sang if they can sing, or even if they attempted to and couldn't is beside the point. They were up there and happy.

As this was Rotary's last meeting of the year, falling on the last day of 1929, there were of course the characters: Father Time, (Chan Gregory) and "Youth," (James E. Duffy.) Each bowed and made his little speech.

Dr. F. J. Chapman was selected to membership in Rotary prior to the collegiate program. New year's greetings were read from Dr. J. Roy Van Wyck, former minister of First Presbyterian Church, who is confined to a hospital near Toronto.