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Rotary Club of Bay City

2019 Focus
"Youth & Education"
The Rotary Club of Bay City is pleased to announce that applications for Community Grants are being accepted from groups and organizations that work throughout the year to make Bay County a better place to live.

Grants are made twice a year, in the Fall and Spring. To be considered, all grant applications must complete and received by each cycle's deadline:
Fall Cycle Applications accepted: June 1 through October 15
Distribution By: November 15
Cycle is OPEN
Spring Cycle Application accepted: January 1 through April 15
Distribution By: May 30
Cycle is CLOSED
The current focus is Youth & Education.

The Community Grant Committee has a limited amount of money available that it can donate to support community projects. Grants are made for amounts between $500.00 and $2,000.00.

Groups and organizations applying for grants should meet the IRS tax exempt status of non-profit 501 (c)(3). Schools, local government entities, and churches in Bay County are eligible to apply.

The Community Grants Committee will consider all completed applications which:
  • Focus on Youth & Education
  • Clearly state need substantiated with appropriate statistics
  • Clearly state anticipated outcomes
  • Clear statement outlining what actions have already been taken to reach your goal
  • A request for a specific amount of money
  • Provide project timeline (award to be spent within 12 months of receipt)
  • Agree to attend a Rotary meeting and present the beneficial outcomes of award received to the club members
If your organization is interested in applying for such a grant, you may submit a Community Grant Application form, and supporting documents, in one of these ways:
  1. Determine if the grants cycle is open.     It is currently OPEN.

  2. Print the application PDF, fill it out, add supporting documents, and mail it in.
          Use this link:   Community Grant Application PDF link.

  3. Use the on-line application below, which will be e-mailed to the committee.

  4. Prepare a machine readable application and e-mail it to:
    If you send an e-mail application, PDF's are preferred as those can be read by most machines.
    MS Word format is also, usually, acceptable.
Contact the committee via US Mail at:
    Rotary Club of Bay City
    Attn: Community Grants
    PO Box 42
    Bay City MI 48707-0042

You may expect a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours.
If you submit an application and do not receive confirmation please contact the Grants Committee Chair at the address above.

For other information, you may send e-mail to

This will be automatically e-mailed to the committee.
Organization Name:
Your e-mail:
Project Title:
Amount Requested:
Provide a brief description of your project that has a Youth and/or Educational focus:
State the need for this project, and substantiate with supporting statistics:
State your anticipated outcomes:
Outline actions already taken to achieve your goal, if any:
Explain how this project offers & encourages volunteerism:
Name other organizations and /or groups you will collaborate with for this project:
Provide a project timeline. Is this a one-time or a reoccurring project:
Provide a project budget that includes income and expense details:
What other funding sources are being considered for this project, if any:
Please check this box to confirm that have entered, re-read, and confirmed all information.

Please read the next screen to confirm everything was entered.

When the application is mailed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail
sent to the address you entered at the top.

If you have questions you may send email to