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Rotary Membership Information

Rotary Meets Tuesdays at Noon
Rotary Club members are part of a diverse group of professional leaders working to address various community and international service needs. Through community service and other means, rotary Club members help promote peace and understanding throughout the world.

Our members are our most important asset. They are the force that allows Rotary to carry out its many humanitarian efforts and achieve its mission.

Rotary membership is by invitation of local clubs. If you would like to be considered for membership by a local Rotary club, visit and complete a Prospective Member Contact form on the "About Us" page. RI will forward your information to clubs in your area.

For information about joining the Rotary Club of Bay City click on the Contact Us page and send an inquiry to the club President.

You may also download the following:
    Member Nomination Form       Membership Qualifications       Membership Requirements

The Rotary Club of Bay City meets Tuesdays from Noon to 1:30 at the The DoubleTree Bay City. on the River Front.

Membership Qualifications

Club Mission Statement

The mission of the Rotary Club of Bay City is to foster service above self, to encourage fellowship among its members, and to support the development of programs that lead to improved quality of life in our community an throughout the world.

Membership Qualifications

The Rotary Club of Bay City is most happy to welcome new members into our club. We ask that the prospective member have certain qualifications which assures that our mission is faithfully carried out by everyone who joins. We ask that applicants become familiar with the qualifications that we believe are necessary to make Rotary membership meaningful to you as well as to the club.

The qualifications are as follows:
  1. Attend the new member orientation.
  2. Be willing to participate actively in club actives such as; attending luncheon meetings, social events, volunteer opportunities…
  3. Agree to join and actively serve on one of the clubs standing committees
  4. Attend two board meetings during the course of your first year
  5. Attend special club functions such as Rotary Concert, Zombie Run, etc…
  6. Make an effort to become acquainted with fellow Rotarians
  7. Pay your club dues in a timely manner
  8. Be willing to share your knowledge and expertise
  9. Support the Rotary Foundation
Becoming a Bay City Rotarian can be a very meaningful experience to you, particularly if you participate in club activities on an ongoing basis. You will meet the leaders of our community who have a tendency to join our ranks; you will keep up-to-date on community happenings, you will foster new friendships, and you will have great time among friends.

Tom Tabor

The Bay City Rotary Club Induction Rite

The following induction rite of the Bay City Rotary Club was developed and splendidly expounded by longtime Rotarian the late Thomas R. Tabor, well known Bay City jeweler. Mr. Tabor was noted for asking Rotarians to wear their pins, even on their pajamas, and especially in public so they could meet Rotarians from other clubs.

You were chosen to be members of this club by your fellow Rotarians because they believe you to be leaders in your particular activity and, more particularly, because they believe that you manifest those qualities of head and heart that will enable you to interpret the message of Rotary to your community.

Rotary is an intimate affiliation of carefully selected business and professional people, having as its objective the promotion of high ethical standards in private, commercial and civic life, and dedicated to the ideal that the basis of all worthy endeavor is unselfish service.

You are the only representatiive of your classification to our club and it is from you and you alone that any real or intimate knowledge of your business can come to us. You can speak to us freely about it because you see around you only friends and sympathizers. on the other hand, you are our ambassador to your craft, your business associates, and the community and it is your responsibility and privilege to carry to them the high ideals of service of which Rotary both the emblem and the vessel.

While membership in rotary is an honor and a privilege, it does involve duties and obligations, which should be discharged by you with faithfulness and cheerfulness. Service is the key word, and your regular attendance at our weekly meetings and participation in club activities will be evidence to us of your continued interest and zeal. Only circumstances which cannot be reasonably controlled are accepted as an excuse for absence, for busy people only are members of this club.

I present you with these trappings related to your new office of Rotarian, calling particular attention to the Rotary label pin, which we urge you to wear daily.

We are expecting much from you in the form of help and inspiration, which we hope will enable us to become better Rotarians. it is with this hope that I extend to you the right hand of Rotary fellowship and welcome you to our Club.