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Rotary Club of Bay City

Selected History from Minutes of the Board of Directors
Written minutes of the club are archived at the Bay County Historic Society Museum. Minutes since July 2003 are archived electronically in the members section of this web site.

Interesting highlights from past minutes

Jan. 23, 1942: (Fairly expensive meals for those days)
Eddie Moran of the Wenonah Hotel then came into the meeting and discussed the matter of the 10 cent increase in luncheons (.75 cents to .85 cents).

May 29, 1942: (Who else?)
President Hale was appointed delegate from the club to the International Convention at Toronto.

Sept. 22, 1942: (Perhaps the club's response to the outbreak of World War II.)
Presentation by President Fischer of whether or not we should continue the series of meetings on International Understanding. After discussion it was moved by Tierney and supported by Eddy that instead of the usual four international meetings we have one meeting after the first of the year with some outstanding speaker.

Nov. 10, 1942: (We couldn't really be opposed to this, could we?)
President Fischer presented the matter of our club joining the "go to church" project. Club approved to support the project and letter to be written to the chairman.

May 4, 1943: (Where is this roll of honor today?)
Securing and placing of a roll of honor for members of our club who have entered the armed services was discussed and George Massnick was requested to secure further information and prices.

Oct. 1, 1944: ($25 was a lot of money those days)
Motion by Bert Bean, supported by Joseph C. Goddeyne, the Club will again subscribe $25 to the war chest drive and will give further consideration later if more money is needed by the chest.

April 2, 1945: (Drama on the air: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and Bay City Rotary)
Report by F.C. Learman on his coming meeting with Hugh Giesel of WBCM with reference to broadcasting some meetings.

Sept. 4, 1945: (Obviously a failed effort by Philadelphia as New York won out.)
President T.P. Dixon read a communication from the Philadelphia Rotary Club re Philadelphia as headquarters for the United Nations; it was ordered held over until the next meeting.

June 14, 1983: (Big news!)
George Heron, new executive director of the United Way of Bay County, was transferred from the Rotary Club of Barberton, Ohio.

Sept. 13, 1983: (Still a good idea)
Jack Shaw introduced the idea of a potential local heritage project entitled "The Spirit of Bay City." This includes building a 100 foot long lumber schooner similar to those built 100 years ago and having this become a focal point for tourist attractions. This proposition was enthusiastically received and further development encouraged.

Oct. 11, 1983: (Speedskaters get Rotary backing)
A motion was passed to support the Olympic training of Kim Klein (1984) and Walter Rheames (1986). Total amount not to exceed $400.

Nov. 8, 1983: (Where is the flagpole? Does anybody know?)
Jim Griffiths presented a request from the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce that Bay City Rotary assist the Chamber in the cost of erecting a flagpole at Chamber headquarters. A plaque on the flagpole will honor Frank Braman (Chamber executive) who died recently. $200 approved.

Feb. 14, 1984: (JA was started by Cliff Van Dyke)
Junior Achievement Project Business was supported with a $3,850 donation to promote understanding and teaching of the free enterprise system to the youth of the area and an opportunity once more to have Rotary's name before the public.