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Rotary Rocks
February 08, 2018

The 10th Annual Rotary Concert
Rotary Club of Bay City

7:00 PM - State Theatre Bay City, MI
Tickets (State Theatre Box Office):
$10 Single, $25 Family (up to 4)


Proceeds go to help eradicate polio.

Everybody Ready?
It's time for the Rotary Concert.
Everybody Needs A Little Love

The first Rotary Concert was organzied by Rotarian Lee Newton and his wife Molly in 2006. Lee, an optomotrist by day, and Molly are both accomplished musicians and performers. The concert was developed to be an annual fund raising event for Rotary.

That first concert was held at John Glen High School in Bay City and featured Rotary performers and high school bands. Subsequent concerts were held at Bay City's Arbeitoer Hall and featured both music and food.

The club held it's fifth annual Rotary Concert on the April 12, 2012 and the name was changed to ROTARY ROCKS and the concert moved to the historic State Theater in downtown Bay City that year. The dinner was dropped and the concert was expanded to featured more musicians and local groups. That concert began to achieve the vision of the concert expressed by Lee that first year. The club also started selling ads in the program, and attracting a larger audience.

The 2013 concert included Beatles numbers by the Hughes Elementary 4th grade choir that just blew away the audience. 2014 featured the choir from Essexville's Verellan Elementary. 2015 featured Jake Slater in an Elvis Tribute! The 2016 theme "Birds of a Feather" featured tributes to... can you guess. And the kids choir were back!

The 2018 concert is themed "Everybody Needs a Little Love". The concert will feature the Essexville Garber High School Varsity Choir, various Rotary musicians, local groups, and songs from the Beatles.

The Rotary Concert has become a fixture of the Rotary calendar in Bay City. We hope you didn't miss any of the concerts because they were a blast! Be sure to play the You Tube video clips from prior concerts in the frames below!


Jeff Yantz and the Barn Hands

Jake Slater a.k.a. ELVIS


Jake Slater a.k.a. ELVIS - backed by Josh Ramseys Band


Conner and Rob Clark draw a name for collector edition Elvis postage stamps.
Names were people who donated to the Soccer Ball Challenge the prior Tuesday.

Rob Clark juggles Rotary 4-Way Test soccer ball
for pledges to the Rotary Foundation.
44 bounces!
The club raised over $2,000 for the Foundation.

Rotary Rocks 2013 Closes with "Hey Jude" tribute to Leo Najar
Click for You-Tube video

Hughes Elementary Fourth Grade Choir sings "Obladi Oblada" for 2013 Rotary Rocks
Click for You-Tube video

Old Time Rock-n-Roll at State Theater 2012
Click for You-Tube video

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April 29, 2010
Arbeitoer Hall
May 6, 2011
Arbeitoer Hall
April 12, 2012
State Theater
April 11, 2013
State Theater
April 10, 2014
State Theater
April 9, 2015
State Theater
April 28, 2016
State Theater
February 8, 2018
State Theater